Google Argues for Gmail Users’ Surveillance

Internet giant, Google, tried to crumble the virtual foundations of wiretapping and privacy laws this Thursday, according to this article by the Calgary Herald. Apparently, Google has been scanning the contents of users’ emails to provide user-specific advertising. Though the company claims that all the emails are processed by a computer and never read by humans, the fact remains that at least one Google engineer has abused his power by spying on teens using Google Voice and GMail. Those who trust all their internet usage to Google, such as searches, emails, social activities (Google+), and voice calls or texts (Google Voice); should think twice about their privacy. According to a quote from a Google attorney, users should expect that they do not have a high level of privacy when using GMail. If you or your friends are conspiracy theorists, I recommend using Yahoo! Mail. Or, if you simply like the idea of people not reading your private correspondence.

  • Defenestrator

    And what makes you think that Yahoo Mail doesn’t use a similar algorithm?